Do You Want to Have Sex with A Trans Woman? A Few Things that You Must Know

When a person desires to indulge in sex with a trans woman then there are plenty of misconceptions about these trans women. In our western culture, we normally understand that human sex is only about penetration of penis into vagina.

Most of us think that only men and women can have sexual relationship. However, it may not always be the case. If you are little more grown-up, then you will learn that there are trans women too.

Let us try to know few myths about trans women, if you are interested in any shemale in Paris, then know the truth before indulging in sex with one:

  1. Most people think that trans women undergo surgery

Most people think that their impressive boobs, vagina are creation of surgery, but it is total myth. Most of them in fact achieve that by hormone replacement therapy.

However, with the injection of estrogens, which is a female hormone, it is possible that it will create certain physical changes like:

  • Soft/thin skin

  • Pupils get bigger

  • Sweat smell more feminine

  • Hair becomes thinner

  • Muscle mass is dropped

  • Penis cannot have full erection

  • Body hair turns thinner

  • Fat redistributes around hips.

  1. Transwomen who have penis prefer to be on top

We always think one who has penis will like to penetrate and dominating. However, a shemale may not like to penetrate. The dicks of a trans woman can be considered as women genitals.

Many transwomen may feel uncomfortable to have penetrating sex particularly if a woman wants to get sex penetration. Usually, their penis will be much softer and with a very thin skin, which will be more sensitive too.

  1. All transwomen prefer to be in bottom during sex

It is not necessary that transwomen will always prefer to be at bottom during the sex and sometimes if they are in mood can also be on top and try to use their clit for penetration.

Also, while at bottom they may not always like to be getting penetrated rather they may go for anal sex. Therefore, while doing sex with trans woman, it is necessary to communicate with them to know about their preferences.

  1. To have sex it is necessary to have hard penis

Actually, our society thinks that for penetration it is always necessary to be a hard and large penis and people having smaller or soft penis are often ridiculed by saying that they are incapable of doing sex.

However, that is not always true. Even these transwomen can also have sex with their soft penis.

  1. All trans women can be horny

Transwomen are not like any other girls and you can have sex any way you like whereas any normal girl may often say no to you as she is aware about her boundary.

Also, these transwomen may prefer to do alternate sex activity and like to experiment with their sexuality, but they are not always horny and like to have more sex than any girl.

With all this information, you can safely interact with any shemale if you want to spend a night with them.

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