The Defender RMF System Controller Wins IAAPA Brass Ring Award

Neptune Benson is Very Happy to announce its Newest Defender RMF System Controller has Gained second place at the IAAPA Brass Ring Awards for Best New Technology Applied. The Defender RMF System Controller is an innovative graphical interface for managing the Defender Regenerative Media Filter, a top excellent water filtration system for industrial, recreational and municipal water niches. The newest Defender RMF System provides innovative control of heater cool delay , pneumatic valves, recirculation pumps and vacuum transport system and pre coats and bulge cycles, data logging and maintenance alarms. In addition, it includes the exceptional capability to operations. This cutting edge attribute makes it possible for operators to keep an eye on system functionality even if working on jobs or while they’re away from your center. 

Remote monitoring/operation may be performed through phone or any internet browser. Additionally, the machine gets the capacity to restrain the green drive VFD system and ETS-UV systems of Neptune Benson supplying added flexibility and control of system operations. “We’re pleased to win this award” Said CEO of Neptune Benson, Ken Rodi. The company represents over 4,800 facilities and individual members from over 90 nations. Neptune Benson was interchangeable with disinfection and  well water filtration system water filtration serving the recreational, municipal and industrial water niches. Featuring brands like the Defender social media filter, ETS-UV disinfection program, Vortisand and Legacy sand filters. Neptune Benson provides the AEGIS protect bulkheads, Dominion butterfly valves, including ProStrainer along with Guardian strainers in addition to all Lawson Aquatics solutions. 

Neptune Benson gets the skill to give solutions that are cost-effective and effective for a wide assortment of business requirements. Decades later, he’d move on to have a fleet of 280 buses since the creator of Universal Motor Service UMS. His firm New Electric Works has been that the spot. To the degree of beginning an indigenous firm for virtually every new invention of his, Naidu went in fact. Naidu spent almost all of his years. Back in the days when girls were hardly visible in the realm names, Anna Modayil Mani out of Travancore, Kerala, was a meteorologist and physicist who astounded the world with her astonishing creations. She established a series of stations to measure solar power — and devised novel procedures to estimate the weather by standardizing around 100 instruments.

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